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Sun, Jun 16 2019 3:00 PM

ODC Dance Theatre
3153 17th Street at Shotwell SF
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The Dresher/Davel Invented Instrument Duo

The duo of renowned composer, performer & instrument inventor Paul Dresher and virtuoso percussionist Joel Davel, consistently generates excitement and wonder with concert programs performed entirely on their large-scale invented musical instruments.

Performing on three extraordinary inventions – the four stringed 15-foot long Quadrachord, the seven stringed 10-foot long Hurdy Grande and the Marimba Lumina – Don Buchla’s electronic percussion invention – Dresher and Davel create lush textures and rhythmically propulsive grooves that fascinate both the ear and the eye.

These concerts will be the Duo’s first complete Bay Area concert programs since 2011 and the first ever in San Francisco. The program will include the premiere of a new work by Dresher as well as classic duo works such as Glimpsed From Afar, Moving Parts and Joel Davel’s Out of Thin Air.