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Thu, Jul 11 2019 8:00 PM

8:15 pm Noah Phillips solo guitar
9:00 pm Deletist
manipulated Cello, oboe and vocal chants or other

Deletist also Known as:
Bitter Pie, Big Black Butthole, Das Blut & Zorn Orkestra, CTRL V 3RR0R. Former Member Entartete Kunst Collective, Di Seta Scura, Weltschmerz. 20+ limited edition self-releases since 1999. Cinematic dark wave electronica, minimal black ambient lullabies, haunting instrumental impromptus & lofi analogue piano ballads. Organized [plug], an annual global headphone festival for 4 years and later hosted monthly free noise & doom shows in the front room of a victorian on Mission Street known as Bleakhaus. Recently returned to the Bay Area after driving 7000 miles around the country writing a book & recording sounds inside a converted off grid 14' 20 ton diesel box truck affectionately dubbed BleakHausTruk. Currently raising funds for an additional solar battery in order to host live experimental shows via the solid state PA that also lives comfortably inside the best home the artist has ever known.

Noah Phillips' music and guitar playing is the result of listening to and emulating the works of many innovative guitar players, composers, and and rock bands of the 21st century. Born in 1976 to parents in their early twenties living in Santa Monica, Phillips was exposed to everything from disco to reggae at a very early age. Phillips' early and lifelong influences include Bob Marley, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore, and Jimi Hendrix. While living in a boarding school on the Big Island of Hawaii Phillips began to explore music of the North American African Diaspora including the early works of Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Wes Montgomery, Taj Mahal, and John Lee Hooker.

Cost: $8-$15 sliding scale
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