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Thu, Sep 26 2019 8:00 PM

8:15 pm Joel Nelson - guitar/electronics
8:45 pm Feral Luggage
- Free improvisation meets Metal Noisescapes in the land of wild luggage...
9:30 pm Hartyga - (Republic of Tuva)
Nachyn CHOREVE - vocal, igil, doshpuluur,
Nayys DULUSH - drums, Sergek SANDYK - saxophone,
Shoraan OCHUR - bass-guitar, Nail SALCHAK - guitar

HARTYGA is a Tuvan rock band, which was formed in Kyzyl in 2003.
In 2002 Salchak Orlan, Ondar Angyr - ool, Sergek Sandyk, Nachyn Choreve, Naiys Dulush (the present members of the band) - entered the Kyzyl Art College named in honor of Chyrgal - Ool. In the evenings and after the lessons participants gathered "under the stairs" and played the personally called "their music" (from the very beginning they practiced rock and jazz with the Tuvan folk songs). The first performance of the group was held on May 9, 2003, in the basement of the dormitory of the Tuva State University, and after this event,the collective has changed its name into "MOM". The leader of the group and an initiator of its inception was guitarist and vocalist Salchak Orlan.
In 2004, another legendary Tuvan music festival "Ustuu Huree" was organized, in which the fabulous represented of American jazz, the composer and multi-instrumentalist Sun Ra was invited as headliner with the support of his collective “The Arkestra”. The drummer Naiys Dulush says: "It was such a discovery for us! After that, everything has changed. " The performance of the modern jazz legend influenced almost the entire modern Tuvan musical scene, including the group "IOM". After this festival, the group has increasingly inclined to jazz - rock and funk, with some features of of traditional tuvan songs.
In 2008 the first performance of the group called "HARTYGA" (translated from Tuvinian means "Falcon") was held at the festival "Ustuu-Khuree".

Feral Luggage is Kersti Abrams - alto saxophone/thumb piano, Mika Pontecorvo - guitar/electronics/voice, Colleen Kelly T - cello/ electronics, Mark Pino- drums/percussion, Elijah Pontecorvo - bass/vocals, Lorenzo Arreguin - drums/guitar

Joel Nelson is a musician who makes use of the guitar, computer, electronics, and trash to create music.

Cost: $10-$20 sliding scale
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