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Wed, Jul 24 2019 7:30 PM

18th Annual Outsound New Music Summit, The Bay Area's Creative Music Festival
Rocket, a night of exploratory rock

Gentleman Surfer Gentleman Surfer
Jon Bafus, Barry McDaniel, Zack Bissell
Difficult to categorize, they draw upon a wide range of influences, anywhere from Captain Beefheart and King Crimson, to film and video game music, Classical, Jazz, Punk, etc. . .More Information

Vegan ButcherVegan Butcher
John Shiurbar, Wil Hendricks, Suki O’Kane, Angela Coon
Led by guitarist John Shiurba assembled to interpret his music and somniloquy. The lyrics are culled from the early-morning, half-asleep ramblings of the composer, while the music employs the signature January Scale. More Information

At a time when gentrification has already driven thousands of artists and musicians and their audiences out of the Bay Area, it is ever more urgent for Outsound Presents to continue fulfilling its mission by supporting, showcasing, and honoring those beyond categorization, audacious souls who stubbornly remain. The 18th Annual Outsound New Music Summit is a concentrated celebration of the music and its listeners, still independent and volunteer-run in a time of corporate takeover of the City’s music scene and a swiftly homogenizing City culture. The Summit boasts nearly two decades of curatorial experience but the sounds of its artists are still new, challenging, defiant, and uncompromising.

Cost: $15 gen, $12 sen, $10 stu
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