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Thu, Sep 19 2019 8:00 PM

Expanded film + Sound with
Gino Robair's Unpopular Electronics
Featuring the 16mm Films of Lori Varga & Tom Djll Plus very special guest!

Unpopular Electronics is a project by Gino Robair. Gino will be performing improvisational electronic sets on modular devices and otherworldly analog sound devices, alongside the multi-talented musician Tom Djll w/ bay area veteran Expanded film artist & noise maker Ms. Lori Varga.

Lori Varga creates handmade 16mm films and 35mm analog Slide work will accompany two very unique, cagian-like experimental sets of instrumental soundscapes and electronic music in duo and trios.
Film materials will be processed live turning inks into tonal and dronal sound bursts utilizing the Oramic method of cine-sound, LIVE. Intense /profound Knob twisting /free radical expressive electronic music and non-musics to be heard with the flicker of analog films & hand manipulated projected light paintings.

Cost: $8-$15 sliding scale
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Solo: pocket cornet, bent toy megaphone and modular synthesizer