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Sun, Jun 23 2019 4:30 PM

Karl Evangelista’s Labas: Exploring the Filipino-American Avant-Garde

Filipino-American guitarist/composer Karl Evangelista is joined by an all-star cast of instrumentalists for “Labas”, a journey through Filipino tradition and the immigrant experience by way of modern jazz and powerful sonic abstraction.

Evangelista ranks among a new wave of musicians pushing the traditions of jazz and experimental rock into the 21st century. Hailed by Signal to Noise magazine as “one of the most original instrumentalists and composers of his generation,” Evangelista’s music explores multicultural concepts with sonic intensity and political fervor. As part of boundary-breaking art rock duo Grex, Evangelista has toured nationwide over a dozen times, and his talents have led to work with the likes of Fred Frith, Louis Moholo-Moholo, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Scott Amendola, Ben Goldberg, Lewis Jordan, and Asian Improv aRts co-founder Francis Wong.

Labas: Karl Evangelista (guitar, composition), Jordan Glenn-drums, Crystal Pascucci-cello, Rei Scampavia (keys), Cory Wright (alto saxophone)
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Fred Frith, Guitar; Jordan Glenn, Drums; Jason Hoopes, bass