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Wed, Jul 17 2019 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street

Jupiter Blue, Voicehandler, Amphibious Gestures, Heartworm
WED July 17; doors 7:45pm, show 8-10:30pm
Peacock Lounge 552 Haight St, SF $5 21+

Jupiter Blue
From the Arkestra's engine room, Jupiter Blue's tone scientists D.Hotep and Jupiter Girl emerge to reveal elements and precepts of another kind of language, another tomorrow, learned through years of discipline to be given freely in the present. Hotep's own ARP (Akimbo Research Projects) develops through-composed and free-improvised performance based on sonification of pitch-sets derived from elemental particles. Expect the never-expected as electronics, electric guitar, celestial vocals, percussion, and violin call forth shadows of unseen worlds.

Danishta Rivero and Jacob Felix Heule comprise the singular duo, Voicehandler. Rivero modifies her extended vocal technique using a water-based electro-acoustic instrument of her own invention, the Hydrophonium. Heule performs a sonic anti-aliasing in real time through micro percussion and electronics that must be heard closely to be believed. Voice Handler's librettos have drawn upon sources as varied as Luis Borges, Knut Hamsun, Eduardo Galeano, and William Burroughs.

Amphibious Gestures
The solo project of Kasper Rodenborn, Amphibious Gestures, bubbled over from the heavy cauldron of his live collaborations with Skozey Fetisch (Mark C. Jackman.) The first sizzle of that foamy spill turned luminescent, stood up from the fire, facemorphing each time you looked back until you find yourself turning to follow, into his oscillator bog, synthvines shooting up into flowers that only bloom in total darkness.

Twenty year veteran of subterranean music, Brandon Yahiro-Taylor, has recorded and performed in a dizzying array of styles, from freeform minimalism to harsh noise to breakcore to experimental metal to indie rock to ambient and musique concrete. On the east coast he founded the seminal net label before moving to San Francisco in 2003 where he became active with the 5lowershop soundsystem crew, organizing events throughout the bay area.

Cost: $5-$10
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