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Thu, Oct 3 2019 8:00 PM

SF Noise Night @ the Luggage Store
8:15 pm Lucidbeaming
8:40 pm Dendera Bloodbath
9:10 pm Endometrium Cuntplow
9:35 pm Ninja McTits

Endometrium Cuntplow is the forest electronics queen and goddess of nectar. Queer noise from the valley. Plants and animals. Tree hugging devil music from everybody's least favorite ghost. Touching for sure and perhaps even a kiss or two. Get in there super close, please. Tip her, always.

Ninja McTits, often known as Himeko Katagiri, is a harsh noise artist based out of Richmond, CA. They run the net-label Tsundere Violence, have thousands of songs, and are a Bay Area native. A Ninja McTits show is full of raw emotion, lots of screaming, and banging and scraping of various instruments and objects. Expect it to be loud. Ninja McTits aims to deliver intense and memorable shows fun for nobody. They also give out free CDrs and floppy disks limited to one show only.

Lucidbeaming (Joshua Curry) is a multimedia artist and musician living in San Jose, CA. His work combines found sounds and repurposed technology to create evocative soundscapes.

In 2010 Verge Bliss separated from husband and bandmate Trey Bliss. This split served as the catalyst for a new period of musical experimentation and the launch of solo project Dendera Bloodbath. Inspired by a lifelong obsession with ancient Egypt, the name is derived from a story detailing the destruction of mankind by the Eye of Ra. Much of the composition is performed on autoharp and sequencer with a variety of synthesizers and noise machines blended throughout. Though Verge has been making experimental sounds their entire life the defining moment for this project occurred while playing shows in Florida. Though robust and exciting pockets of noise exist throughout the southeast, nothing is quite like the Florida noise scene. Gradually more harsh, weird ideas began crawling between Verge’s ears until they began building their own devices – some from other pedals, some from kits, some from specs online, and one inspired by Mickey Hart’s blaster beam.
This project covers two main genres – darkwave and harsh noise. Some industrial or country vibes do get thrown around. Magick and spellwork comprise a lot of the subject matter, and ritual is very intertwined with Dendera Bloodbath’s purpose.

Cost: $8-15 sliding