Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Fri, Sep 13 2019 7:30 PM

Oakland Technical High School
4351 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611 Auditorium Entrance on 42nd Street

“Watershed” is a collection of six new pieces composed by Ted Allen for the Incendiary Cycle, an ongoing creative music project exploring the dynamic relationships between people, industry, and nature in California.

In “Watershed,” the recorded voices of four California poets reading their work add literary resonance to the Incendiary Cycle’s ongoing exploration of the processes shaping California. The poets, Juan Delgado, Imani Love, Emily Kim and Stephen Meadow, come from different generations and different places in California, yet they all share a compelling relationship with their regional environment.

Ted began work on the Incendiary Cycle in 2013 with a video production of the piece “Gold Rush.” Subsequent performances of new sections of the cycle took place at the Sound Room and Temescal Arts Center in Oakland and at the San Francisco Conservatory and Center for New Music in San Francisco. Ted’s compositions for the project deploy an ensemble of four horns, percussion and electronics to evoke powerful and often chaotic processes that cyclically renew the California landscape.

In addition to “Watershed,” the September 13 concert will feature a performance of Ted’s big band composition “Pullman Sleep,” performed by his students in the Oakland Tech Jazz Band.

Ted Allen, composer, keyboard
Zack Pitt-Smith, tenor sax, flute
Sean Norris, tenor sax, clarinet
Daniel Andrade, trombone
Mara Fox, trombone
Isaac Schwartz, drums

Cost: $15/$5 students