Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Wed, Sep 18 2019 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street San Francisco, CA

We're BACK at the Peacock Lounge! N.B. Ralph White has had to reschedule but stay tuned and note the revised lineup and sequence! Huge thanks to Glochids for stepping UP.

Sharon Tate Fetus Explosion
She does more than open doors and book the most memorable and accessible art venues in the Bay Area from 21 Grand to LCM, The Lab, and Pro Arts. She is also a singularly strange and brilliant performer in her own right. Deadpanning familiar horrors of the human condition, she serves them up as forthright lo-fi songs reminiscent of Noh Mercy, her charm a sonic sort of whipped topping soothing the nose cut off to spite the face of the human race. Past projects include SL Morse and Secretarial Pool. Lockhart has also guested with nefarious amorphous groups: Zeek Sheck and Murder Murder.

Fluorescent Grey
Robbie Martin recently wrote, directed, and scored a three part documentary ‘A Very Heavy Agenda" exploring the current ‘Cold War 2.0’ scenario. From classic electronic genre riffs like the acid-break anthem about Obama ‘We Killed Kids on the Basketball Court,’ to the utter fringes of sound art like Ganzfeld performances, he's oscillated to nostalgic conceptual electro (’Electronic/Synthesizer Greats’ Acroplane UK) constructed from pre-rave electronic vinyl records dating from 1955-1984. Martin is often heard in the :zoviet*france: podcast ‘A Duck in a Tree’ and is seen in the revolving lineup of musicians in Katabatik. He's currently composing music for the TV show ‘The Empire Files’ on Telesur. Upcoming works include an album with one half of :zoviet*france: Atom Mother Earth, and UK synth-wizard Dave Noyze.

Kit Clayton (Orthlorng Musork/Cycling '74)
Open fist anarchist who can slap your frowning smile like a skipping stone across the rising oceans to a far horizon, Clayton is founder and inventor of Cycling '74/Jitter and Tamarack infoshop in Oakland. His music, both solo and in groups Detention, I-Liner, Kit n C.l.a.w.s, Pigeon Funk, and Tujurikkuja, is marked by the gravitational pull of its unlimited breadth and well.... you'll have to close your knowing mouth and jump to learn its depth.

Succulents field researcher, gamelan experimentalist, bricoleur extraordinaire, James Roemer plays many objects, including metallophone percussion, an old school punch card machine, cactus quills (glochids), street sweeper kalimba, and diverse circuits. And he's already got a purge for your misguided Black Flag FOMO this WED, don't go there... listen instead to the Glochids edit of only the good parts from "Damaged." It only takes a few minutes. Then leave the misremembered past in the dust, and come clean to the Peacock Lounge for the bite of your actual here and now.

Cost: $5-$10