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Fri, Oct 18 2019 7:30 PM

POISON CIRCUS is the story of a small dysfunctional circus family whose relationships quickly dissolve into poisonous revenge and freak transmogrify. There’s Eubie, the former circus performer who’s trapped in a wheelchair and brimming with tyranny. Barbara, the estranged wife and ambitious newly crowned ringmaster. And Copeland, the son, the future, the runaway.

Things quickly get toxic when the circus sets off across the desert and a vengeful plot to poison the circus performers bubbles up. And so the poison flows and the mutations jump out. POISON CIRCUS was written and scored by Samson Y Hiss. It was inspired by the novel Geek Love. It’s a world premiere. It’s toxic. Get your tickets now!

POISON CIRCUS will feature vocal operatics, an organ quintet, harrowing circus acts and live human transformations. And the test subjects are ready.

Starring musicians:
Nikola Printz, Mezzo Soprano
Alex Taite, Tenor
Paul Dab, Electric Organ
Matthew Ebisuzaki, Trumpet
Tiffany Bayly, Tuba
Robert Lopez, Drums
Samson Y Hiss, Percussion

And circus performers:
Hunny Bunny, Contortion
Renee Sedliar, Clown

This show is for all ages. Parental guidance is recommended. Doors at 7:30pm. Show at 8pm. Runtime approx. 60 minutes.

Cost: $25 - $50
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