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Thu, Nov 14 2019 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street San Francisco, CA

The Human De-Selection and Realization Nature Group, Shatter Pattern, Gustavo Pastre, Foot SOS
Thurs Nov. 14 at The Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight St.
Doors 7:30pm, Bands 8pm-11pm $5 notaflof all-ages

The Human De-Selection and Realization Nature Group
Beast, glove, and misunderstanding, raised awareness for a razed world. Let that stoned-stereo bee from Ummagumma finally sting you. Quit swatting and ducking, it's time to hurt, swell up, rise with the oceans, gyre together with the blessed forsaken, Preterites all. After all, tears are only your heart sweating, let sound help with the heavy emotional lift. Anthony A. Russell and Michael Goldwater are tone scientists of the widest order, never guiding but always leading your ears far far astray. Go there.

Shatter Pattern
Through sound, dance, costumed computation and visualization, Julia Litman-Cleper blazes spidering trails across fragile shells, divining the wells of survivable life, showing us to the bathy froth of time that predates vision. Human eyes are like eggs, born with a startle from the primordial chicken they're made to trace sharp edges. So the clarity of vision lends itself to quantification, immediacy, violence. But the chicken had to cum first, or why survive? Vibration precedes sight, desire precedes survival and the world was always more than quantifiable surface, more fun than fear, where shatter precedes pattern.

Gustavo Pastre
Some objects aren't just inanimate but inexplicable, their mute and ghastly mystery is in how they force us to approach them, lift, fold, spindle, and mutilate. Intensely small objects attract a kind of human called an engineer, obsessing them to conjoin, configure and jolt with low voltage into a sort of screaming life. Burned into wafers of silica, an endless procession of engineers will squint and singe their copper-capillaries, sipping wisps of acrid smoke into their noses. Gustavo Pastre is such a one, salvage reanimator. His gear is all of custom design and handmade. So it's tough to guess how you're hearing the layered sonic planes you'll hear. His very hands seem to vanish, reaching out to buttons and potentiometers that aren't there but in his mind. There phantom fingers find still smaller circuits working their impossibilities.

Foot SOS
Ancients figured their future as the work of The Fates, three sisters: one spinning the thread, another measuring their days, the third cutting them off. Three thousand years along, time is spun from electrons, measured in oscillations, and cut into waves by the no less mysterious triad of Foot SOS: Theresa Currie (Szamanka), Dianne Lynn (Nurse Betty/Homoglochini) and Angela Roberts (Cruel Work, editor of the zine Supertrooper) weaving destiny from the heart of the Peacock for any who dare to hear.

Cost: $5
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