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Sat, Jan 25 2020 4:00 PM

The Golden Bull
412 14th St Oakland, CA 94612

Canadensis (Eugene, OR) is a drone-based ambient music duo consisting of Tom Asselin (Dragon Turtle) and David S. Fylstra (Folian, Ramprasad).

Fyrhtu is the genre-defying mystical musical duo of Leila Abdul-Rauf and Nathan A. Verrill that wields layered synths, eastern and western folk singing and breathing techniques, ambient-electronic textures and rhythms to forge a timeless, kaleidoscopic and otherworldly soundscape. Within their many moods a consistent spirit is felt, as when the hair stands up on the back of your neck while a ghost glides through your darkness.

Souls and Cities

a) manufactured space/noise and boundary

b) non-volatile but present duress resulting in fracture

Cost: $8
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