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Fri, May 22 2020 7:00 PM


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Karl Evangelista Plays "No Gossip"

In celebration of the release of "Apura!" (Karl Evangelista with Alexander Hawkins, Louis Moholo-Moholo, and Trevor Watts) - releasing May 22 on Astral Spirits. (Pre-Order HERE)

Karl Evangelista will be performing a full-length (45 min) version of the classic Keith Tippett/Louis Moholo album "No Gossip". Inspired by the wild post improvisation of Derek Bailey and Han Bennink, this performance utilizes prerecorded elements of the original duo to craft an environment for solo improviser that is both safe and face-meltingly immediate.

May 22 commemorates the date that the Apura project (with Messrs. Moholo-Moholo & Alexaner Hawkins) would have debuted in the San Francisco Bay Area, had circumstances been different. This livestream will serve as a short-term consolation prize to the many friends, family, and fans who have offered their support.

Original recording of "No Gossip" (FMP) available HERE
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