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Thu, May 21 2020 9:00 PM

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Supervoid V: Superposition

Quickly Photographed and Released Unharmed

Pandelis Diamantides (b. 1978, Athens, Greece) is a sound and visual artist based in the Netherlands.

In his music productions and audiovisual performances, he uses custom digital technology to create complex binary landscapes, where detailed sound compositions and electronic rhythms are enhanced by multifaceted visuals providing a true immersive experience.

He is the author of the audiovisual series of works "Green", "False Awakenings" and "Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows". Through a series of collaborations he has created sound, visuals and software for contemporary dance and interactive audiovisual installations, co-creating artworks such as Tune In, Mutual Wave Machine, PLPLPL.PL, ANIMA, POLARIS and In Circles.

In recent years, his work is presented at international festivals and galleries in Europe, USA, South America, Asia and the UAE.



equilet (j. lubow) is a musician originally from Kansas City. His background in both visual art and music have afforded him an interdisciplinary approach to making.
He studied electronic music at Mills college and is a researcher at CNMAT (Berkeley) as of 2008. He's performed pieces internationally in a variety of media contexts. In 2002 he moved to Oakland where he has continued to develop his work, including his recent radio show "Phantom FWD" on SutroFM.



Founder of Switched On, I/O and curator at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum - Producer, Composer, Sound Designer, Guy Taylor articulates dynamic sonic terrains of ambient, IDM & textural workflows via modular synthesis, music concrete & digital signal processing. Esoteric, etherial and often punishing manifestations of electronic music coin the encompassing sound of his Droste moniker.



3Li is the pseudonym of Eli Woods, Bay Area resident and rave enthusiast. Primarily focused on live performance, 3Li harnesses the powers of non-linear video systems and hacked analog equipment to generate dreamy and dynamic visuals that can only be described as "a e s t h e t i c" and "v lush". He someones does this alongside his crewmates at Suss Net, where his skillset is further applied to site specific installations. 3Li currently serves as the Principle Chaos Theorist for Suss Net and Visual Advisory Board Co-Chair at Haggard Solutions, Inc
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