Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sun, Jul 14 2002 1:00 PM

ACME Observatory at Tuva Space
3192 Adeline Berkeley CA
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2nd Annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ!

Summer is here. So why don't you get away from that West-Bay Fog, come over to sunny Berkeley and join us to hear dozens of the Bay Area's best-known practitioners of adventurous, improvised, non-standard music. We will have plenty of charcoal on hand, so bring a slab of meat or any other items for yourself or others to consume, get food poisoning, and listen to some damn-fine music!

Brought to you by ACME and by the Transbay Calendar, this FREE event was a ton of fun last year.

Expect this year to be even better. Hope to see you there!

[program order subject to change]


sfSound Duo [improvised compositions and composed improvisations]

Matt Ingalls - clarinet, David Bithell - trumpet

Mixed Signals [electronics & things trio]

Alan Brightbill, Tom Bickley, Tom Duff

Guided Improv Workshop Ensemble

Elizabeth Albee - trumpet, Per Bloland - trumpet, Michael Cook - reeds

Andrew Raffo Dewar - soprano sax, Ernesto Diaz-Infante - acoustic guitar, Andrew Doe - electric guitar,

Jason Gibbs - bassoon, Jacob Lindsay - clarinets, Scott R Looney - electronics


Marco Eneidi [solo saxophone]

Emergency String Quartet

Bob Marsh - cello, Jef Hobbs - violin, Damon Smith - bass

Headloss [a skronk combo]

064 - guitar/computer, Wendy Bauer - vocals, Bruce Fraser- bass,

Alan Phillips - keyboards, Chris Broderick - reeds, Otto Huber - drums


Jessica Loos [improv voice/poetry]

Tri-Cornered Tent Show [experientialist electroacoustic sound]

Phillip Everett - contraption,
Ray Schaeffer - electric fretless bass,
André Custodio - nord micromodular and darbuka

Phil Gelb [shakuhachi]


Ian Yeager [solo guitar]


Tom Djll - trumpet,
Ron Heglin - trombone/tuba,
Toyoji Tomita- bass trombone

Dark Muse [ethereal alchemy & voice flow]

Dan Plonsey's Garbaggio Truckio Fantastico

"It's All in Good Fun (you assholes)"

An opera, a mockery: of everyone, from top to bottom of the music

world, including performers, composers, reviewers, presenters,
theorists, audience.


John Shiurba's Double Nickels

Andrew Raffo Dewar - soprano sax,
John Ingle - alto sax,

Elizabeth Albee - trumpet,
Tom Djll - trumpet,

Adam Lane - bass,
Eli Crews - bass,

Myles Boisen - guitar,
John Shiurba - guitar,

Thomas Scandura - percussion,
Garth Powell- percussion

Joseph Zitt [experimental vocalization and sound

Reel Change [improvisations to silent films]

David Michalak - lap steel, Andrew Voigt - winds, Tom Nunn - electroacoustic soundboards, Joe Sabella - Tuba, Samples and Adam Hurst - Cello