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Sat, Jun 13 2020 11:00 AM

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Franck Martin - Live from the studio, every Saturday at 11am PST, modular synthesizer, chat, news

I do a weekly show every Saturday at 11am PST.

This Saturday I will have Nathan Moody, composer/musician, sound designer and mastering engineer at Obsidian Sound

You can watch it on Youtube

Modular Synthesizer music and chat

In previous shows, I had:
- Doug Lynner
- Hugo R.A. Paris / Lavender
- Korey Luna
- Juan Rosales

The Playlist of all the shows

Thanks to my Bandcamp Community that supports this work:
- Matthew Staley
- KZLuna
- Mike
- Stealthwolf
- Michael L Todd
- Kyle Reid
- Tuini
- peronosphora
- RusticNerd
- tech-15
- phuturo
- Gary Warner
- William Manning
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Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Wind - Recorded live in Cazadero on 20181027 (360 Audio)