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Sun, Oct 18 2020 5:00 PM

Sonic Sundays #5

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Sonic Sundays #5!

Delia Danae

Collaborative visuals with Fetz

Presented by:
Sonic Alliance
Content through collaboration
Monthly every 3rd Sunday
5pm - 6pm PST

A monthly streaming event! Featuring audio artists from the Sonic Alliance community in visual collaboration with Fetz! Tune in, hang out, and discover new music! Experience pre-recorded audio visual performances while supporting up-and-coming artists from our community!

Each month we will feature one or two different live performers or DJs. They will record their performance and send it to Fetz. He will process the video through his analog hardware creating a unique visual collaboration to accompany their performance!

This is all done as a labor of love and community. Please support the artist my making a donation to their PayPal/Venmo if you are inspired. Any support is greatly appreciated.

You can watch the event on the Sonic Alliance Twitch or YouTube channel and chat along with the artists!

About the artists:
Genre: Electronica influenced by minimal techno and house
Location: San Francisco

Bio: Xibalbá is an electronic music maker originally from Mexico and based in San Francisco, CA. Her sound is informed by minimal techno and house, and it incorporates elements of classical music pieces, field recordings, and ready-made samples. She composes and arranges her music entirely on OP-Z and mixes her tracks using 2 of these devices. Her compositions strive to be the musical interpretation of her bicultural identity and experience as well as her worldview and love of dance music.

Delia Danae
Genre: Live Bassline, House, D&B
Location: Los Angeles

Bio: Delia Danae Rawdon is an out and visible Transgender Actress, Writer, Electronic Musician/DJ, and Performance Artist living in Los Angeles. She can be seen in hit TV Shows, her writing is published in several prominent LGBT publications, her electronic music has been performed from coast to coast, and her Performance Art has sold out shows throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Delia focuses her talents on Social Justice and empowering others to be the best version of themselves.

Fetz - SF Bay Area
Visual Alchemist /\ Glitch/Nintendo/Lo-fi Visuals
Like a 90's VHS stuck in a Nintendo

About Sonic Alliance:
A collaborative creative community based in the digital realm. The mantra: content through collaboration.
A place to connect, support and grow our creativity together. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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