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Sun, Jul 25 2021 7:00 AM

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Thingamajigs Performance Group (TPG) will be in residence at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive with a series of online performances and discussions covering a wide range of topics relevant to living in our current pandemic. Highlights of the residency include a 14-hour live stream of Sound of Wave in Channel, TPG’s collaborative work with Bay Area poet Stephen Racliffe. Also featured will be Korea’s Ensemble PHASE performing excerpts from a new work by composer and TPG member Edward Schocker. Examining our “sense of self”, Self_less’ mission is to bring awareness of the connections among brain, body, mind, and self.

All events in this residency will be presented with diverse artists' expressions that will explore personal journeys and social impact both in the past and present. These events will be hosted online at

“BAMPFA is happy to welcome Thingamajigs for their second residency - their first was almost exactly eight years ago in July of 2013. Though this one is by necessity virtual, rather than in-person, their series of performances, panels, and other events promises to highlight some of the most important contemporary music practices in the Bay Area and across the world. Some events look back on our pandemic year, some look ahead to future projects, and some meditate in the current moment. It will be an exciting and fruitful series!” -Sean Carson, program director (BAM/PFA)

July 25, 7AM-8PM PDT (preceded by 14-hour livestream performance)

Durational Works

Within A Day and Sound of Wave in Channel

Two pieces created in 2021 by TPG and special guests. Within a Day is a six-hour stream of film and music created to reacquaint the ensemble post-lockdown, and features the films of TPG member Keith Evans in a touching homecoming. Sound of Wave in Channel is a 14-hour work created with poet Stephen Ratcliffe in the theater of BAM/PFA and features local musicians, composers, and movement artists, including Rae Diamond, Kevin Corcoran, Paige Sorvillo, and others.

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