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Sat, Mar 5 2022 7:00 PM

PianoFight OAKLAND
1540 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612
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A fiery witch loses her hand to an angry mob, tames wild beasts in the forest, and starts hustling small town folk and casinos out of all their money, with one hand.

One-Handed Witch, a silent film of savagery and survival was written and scored by Samson Y Hiss with shadow puppets and film production by Rita Deiola and Sara Draghi in Italy. It is a first collaboration with film, shadow puppets and live music. It has never been screened before a live audience—only the dead. It is a world premiere!

Two years ago, Samson Y Hiss fell off his bike in the rain on the Lefty O'Doul Bridge in San Francisco and broke his wrist. After an x-ray confirmed his swollen suspicions he started to compose organ music for one hand. One day while playing a Wizard Of Oz slot machine inspiration struck and he wrote the script for One-Handed Witch.

Samson Y Hiss is a circus composer and one-man band from Oakland. His credits include: Poison Circus and Circus Screams, theatre works about mental illness. His unorthodox score is striking from beginning to end. There are no repeated melodies or motives for characters. Each vignette is a new piece of discordant music.

Rita Deiola and Sara Draghi hail from Italy. Their most recent credit includes: Svegliati Europa, a film about the drama of immigration. With storyboards, sketches, and musical cues, they created the One-Handed Witch world with light and shadow.

One-Handed Witch was written and scored by Samson Y Hiss (US)
Shadow puppets and manipulation by Rita Deiola and Sara Draghi (Italy)
Filming and editing by Marco Samsoni (Italy)

Live musical score by:
Samson Y Hiss, Percussion
Paul Dab, Electric Organ

One-Handed Witch is for all ages. Runtime approx. 30 minutes.
March 4, doors at 7:30 PM. Show at 8 PM.
March 5, doors at 6:30 PM. Shows at 7 PM and 9 PM.

Early Bird Tickets: $20 until Jan 7, 2022.
General Tickets: $25 ($30 at the door).
VIP Tickets: $50 (includes: front row seats, all-you-can-eat popcorn and soda).


Each audience member must show proof of vaccination to enter PianoFight, no exceptions. Audience members must also wear their masks unless actively eating or drinking. We will comply with all local, state, and federal requirements in effect at time of show. We reserve the right to add additional requirements that we deem necessary to keep our staff, artists, and audiences safe.

Cost: 25
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