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Sat, Nov 5 2022 8:00 PM

Other Cinema's semi-annual expanded cinema spectacular happens to coincide with the launch of Moments of Perception, Jim Shedden's book on experimental cinema in Canada, and so Mr. Shedden, just in from the Art Gallery of Ontario, will say a few words before the fireworks begin. Among the playlist are four(!) live film-performances, clustered around Eric Theise/Kevin Corcoran's A Synesthete's Atlas, real-time digital cartography with textural percussion and manipulated field recordings. Greta Snider and Derek Headboggle up the ante with Instructions from Ancestors, the world premiere of this live-tracked double-projection retinal-rivalry master-work from the much-loved SFSU prof, who spins her zine sensibility into avant stereoscopy. Fellow Bernal multi-projectionist Scott Stark also debuts a piece, Music in the Air, miraculously re-animating long-buried (in Stockton!) Kodachrome treasures through his ingenious propeller shutter. AND: National touring titan 99 Hooker mops the gallery floor with his over-loaded and over-amped Live-AV--even another Cali premiere!--Attention Surplus Disorder. PLUS: a supporting posse of interstitial zingers, boasting Amy Halpern's (RIP) Single Wing Turquoise Bird light show!!

Cost: $13
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event

Excerpted from a 45 minute improvisation between Eric Theise, manipulating digital maps, and Helena Espvall, performing on cello with electronics. The performance took place on 21 April 2022 at Hangar: Centro de Investigação Artística in the Graça district of Lisboa, Portugal.

In this sequence the scene is anchored at Brejo da Zorra, a locality in Portugal. During my residency I traveled to Nice for a Daniel Spoerri retrospective, The Theater of Objects, and my return flight passed over the area as we descended. Following the flight using an offline map application the grid, a mix of rectilinear and organic lines, reminded me of François Morellet’s Trames 3°, 87°, 93°, 183° (Grids 3°, 87°, 93°, 183°), which Dia:Chelsea wore on her western wall in 2017–18.