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Wed, Dec 7 2022 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Lily Taylor
Lily Taylor is a welcomed cathartic release when experienced live. She excels at consistently angelic hymnals that drift into stunning avant pop." - Eric Martine, D Magazine. Dubbed the "TEXAN EXPERIMENTAL POP CHANTEUSE, LILY TAYLOR" by Aquarius Records SF, CA. Taylor's background in music is diverse and spans scenes in the Bay Area and across Texas. Her album The Ride was critically acclaimed and warmly received by listeners. Currently, Taylor is performing live in promotion of an upcoming album called Amphora, produced in collaboration with musician Black Taffy, hosting the radio show BandwidthTX on, and teaching private vocal studies. -vocals -keyboard -looping and effects pedals

9:00 pm Farhadian/Matheus
Thea Farhadian - violin, electronics
Silvia Matheus - electronics
Thea Farhadian is a performer/composer based in San Francisco Bay Area and Berlin. Her projects include solo violin and interactive electronics, acoustic improvisation, solo laptop, radio art, and video. Her solo pieces for violin and electronics combine a classical music background with extended technique and digital processing using the program Max/MSP.
Ms. Matheus is an internationally accomplished electronic music composer who has been composing with computers and electronics since the early 1980. She is Brazilian national with a B A. in Music. She studied composition under the direction of Hans Koellreutter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Silvia Matheus' main focus is on interactive improvisation with computers, electronics, and instrumental ensemble. She has composed music for multi-media projects, video, film, audio installations and radio plays.

Cost: $10-20 sliding
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