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Sun, Dec 11 2022 3:00 PM

KXSF Studios
102.5 FM

Streaming only
Lx Rudis with Andre Custodio live on KXSF LIVE!

3-4 PM

Lx Rudis: Made music for the Lynx games Klax, Gates of Zendocon, California Games, Electrocop, Chip's Challenge, Gauntlet 3, Gordo 106, Hockey, Ms. Pac-Man, Rampage, Rampart, and Shanghai. He also played music with art rockers Tuxedomoon, Winston Tong, and The Units.

Andre Custodio: Performed on KRON4's 'Just Kidding' in the early 80's in addition to performing with a variety of local music talent in the bay area including luminaries Rent Romus, Eddie Gale, David Slusser, and Terese Taylor. As a music event curator, he produced an ongoing series of music called 'Audible Method', which includes a who's-who of local AND international experimental music. His own projects have included rudis/custodio/diaz-infante,
Say Bok Gwai, Nihil Communication, Tri-Cornered Tent Show, CBop, Divided State, and The Next Trio.
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Nihil Communication (Andre Custodio). Videotaped by M. Trucco at the Musician's Union Local 6 in San Francisco.