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Sun, Feb 5 2023 4:00 PM

Mosswood Sound Series
3630 Telegraph Ave enter 2nd door on 37th St Oakland
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ANGELA EDWARDS presents "Invoke: Parte 2," an aleatory score in the form of a card game. The deck consists of 30 text and 10 visual cards. In this case, the conductor chooses cards for the players and determines the length of time each card is played. The specifics of the card and the order is left to fate. Players include: ALEXANDRA BUSCHMAN-ROMÁN, voice; MATT INGALLS, clarinets; KANOKO NISHI-SMITH, koto; BRAN(…)POS, electronics; and MITCH STAHALMANN, flute. Edwards also performs her electro-acoustic solo project, SHARKIFACE.

XOPHER DAVIDSON performs a solo set of sound.

ANGELA EDWARDS (SHARKIFACE) is a sampling siren and static-witch from Texas, who has been weaving incantations through experimental sound since 1999. Relocated from Austin, she's played in many Bay Area noise, experimental and electro-acoustic musical projects over the last 20+ years and founded LCM, Life Changing Ministry, a former noise venue housed in an old church in West Oakland. Sharkiface has toured the US, Europe and Japan and played festivals in many countries.

XOPHER DAVIDSON’S work (ANTIMATTER) is an ongoing exploration into the material of sound. Exploring a multiverse of of sound worlds from subatomic drift to subharmonic long waves. He has performed as a member of Circular Firing Squad, Citizen Band, and 45/102. Collaborating with Zbigniew Karkowski he released the albums Function Generator, Khz, Divide by Zero, and Processor. He has released the solo albums: Transfixion, Antimatter vs. Antimatter, Our Lady of the Skies, Reset, and Lux Perpetua.

Cost: $10-$25 sliding scale