Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Wed, Sep 20 2023 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Mitch Stahlmann - flutes & processing
8:40 pm Amanda Chaudhary - synthesizers, keyboards, electronics
9:20 pm Ipek Eginli - voice, Turkish drums, synthesizers

Ipek Eginli is an experimental sound artist and improviser who describes her music making as “a process of a creation and a creation of a process”. Her ever-evolving creative process involves electroacoustic free improvisation on piano, voice, modular synthesizers, and no-input mixing boards. Ipek considers every sound as a possible music-making material, leading her to craft profound phrases out of unexpected sounds and noises. She has performed solo, chamber and orchestra concerts at various venues in Turkey, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany and in New York, Boston and Atlanta in the US.

Amanda Chaudhary is a composer, bandleader, electronic musician, jazz keyboardist, and visual/sound artist. She blends experimental electronic sounds with jazz, funk, dance music and other idiomatic styles into her visually captivating performances. She is also the author of the popular video channel CatSynth TV, where she discusses music, art, culture, and of course, cats.

Mitch Stahlmann's practice encompasses the spectrum between music. The resulting musicality can be best imagined as Lee Renaldo playing a solo on the set of Pee Wee’s Playhouse with an audience of nearly twelve. My visual aesthetic easily follows this suite and has been represented through commissions for album art, poster and web designs. A resulting history has allowed space for my work and practice at The Walker Art Center (MPLS), Pro Arts (OAK), Yeah Maybe (MPLS), Elanor Hardwood Gallery (SF) an numerous other thoughtful establishments. My collaborative pursuits as a musician have equally boosted my credibility with pressings on Orange Milk, Moon Glyph and numerous other critically unacknowledged indy labels.

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