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Thu, Dec 14 2023 6:00 PM

Naama Tsabar’s Work on Felt (Variation 2 and 11)

Experience the synergy of art, sound, and movement in a new performance composed by local musicians Dylan Edrich, Jenna Flohr, and artist Naama Tsabar that engages sculptural works from the artist’s ongoing series Work on Felt. Tsabar subverts our expectations of the seemingly soft sculptures by inserting carbon fiber and epoxy into felt to create a rigid hybrid material that holds its shape as it retains the tension of a piano string tethered to a guitar-tuning peg. These artworks defy the place of felt in instruments as a silencer and become the resonating chamber itself.

For this performance at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Edrich, Flohr, and Tsabar will explore the various physical movements and sonic possibilities from activating Work on Felt (Variation 2) and Work on Felt (Variation 11). Witness the creative power of artistic collaboration as these felt sculptures from the museum’s collection are transformed into modified string instruments and brought to life in this performance that merges the worlds of contemporary art and music.

This event is presented in partnership with KADIST San Francisco.