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Sun, Dec 10 2023 7:30 PM

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"Very unusual oscillations" with Lori Varga, Doug Lynner, and Matt Robidoux

Lori 16mm Varga
Bay area native Lori Varga is a analog Visual performance artist & noise /drone provacateur. Since 1992 she has experimented with large amounts of film projectors, found footage films, and early synthesis & sound experiments. Lori also makes 35mm slides using unconventional methods & is well known for her light shows for experimental & touring psychedelic bands in Northern CA and central TX . She also houses one of the largest collections of "special interest" and experimental video tapes in CA, providing endless access to materials for experimental film screenings & curration of more than 1000 edu 16mm films & Super 8 oddities.For several years her passion has been building /hacking low cost electronics into drone instruments or Sourcing the most peculiar oscillating sound instruments for her unique live performances. Strange Film will mix with her dark & haunting tones & loops that are all performed thru analog or custom built equipment. No two shows are ever alike. Lori has designed large scale & intimate sized down filmsets for the Butthole Surfers, Helios Creed, St37, & Acid Mothers Temple. She has done several solo shows thru Shapeshifters Cinema and Craig Baldwins Other Cinema series. Her Exp./ transgressive collage films have been screened Internationally around Europe & Japan.

Doug Lynner is known for his intimate, “In-The-Circuit” performance style. That style has given birth to his “Living Synthesis” compositions - part fixed composition, part improvisation, part circuit immersion. His process is to create unique instruments for each performance that are self-active and cross-influencing in which he participates through direct interaction with each instrument’s autonomic activities through their knobs, switches and patch cords.

Matt Robidoux is a San Francisco based composer, improviser, educator, and community organizer interested in the convergence of movement and sound as it relates to free improvisation, accessibility, and the communicative capacities of sonic energy. Their primary instrument is the "corn synth" — (kinetically operated randomness network) a modular system that interprets physical input from two "ears of corn" sculptures cast in aluminum.

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