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Thu, Dec 14 2023 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street, SF, CA

++(...)! , Felidae, Sung Kim, Masmine
Thurs Dec. 14 8pm-11pm Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF
All-ages, $5-$15 no one turned away for lack of funds.
Please rapid-test day of show, keep each other healthy!

The sizzle of a fuse, the certainty of combustion as complexity folds and refolds within confines of a well-honed threefold sonic vernacular comprised of ma++ ingalls, bran(...)pos, and moe! Think of it. No that isn't your hairs standing on end but angels bristling on the pinhead of your mind's eye. See there before you, Ingalls' virtuosity burning brightest in spontaneous composition as Moe Staino summons a thunder of prepared percussion and Jake Rodriguez tears away the veil separating cello and circuit. Let the name of this new trio serve as fair warning: minds will be blown, leaving only the ittiest of hideous bits. | |

Throw your body upon the gears not to surrender but to osmose the machine, dysmorphing the means of production so as to induce not reproduce. Take root there in rusting factories, abandoning species insularity to collide with ancient diaspora existing outside dichotomies of human thought. Fanciulla Gentile and Sharmi Basu utilize new media controllers, improvisation in electronic music, unwavering depression and restrained horror to channel left-eyed spirits. Elusively rare, their live performances are not to be missed least of all when the venue is San Francisco's own Peacock Lounge.

Sung Kim
Not content to improvise only his music, Sung Kim improvises his instruments as well. Ceramicist, sculptor, and master of millwork, he builds absolutely gorgeous original instruments like the "Ozukuri", "Trebuchet" and "Nuns Horn" the singular sounds of which really must be experienced in shared physical space. After all, if an invented instrument is an invented voice it requires an invented language to be spoken in invented time and space. Don't miss this chance to be present as never before at the creation of now.

Put your earplugs away or you'll miss the sounds that aren't there, or really the sounds your ear will make when Mary Graham and Jasmine Zhang sing sweeping difference tones across your bow. Pocket your disbelief too when first you hear those ghost tones of "otoacoustic emission" a phenomena situated inside your ear while your mics just stare at you in blank expression. That won't be the only ghost in the room either, Masmine are known to explore ancestral resonance in the here and now using movements, idioms and dialects that reach back thousands of years.

Cost: $5-$15 notaflof