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Sat, Mar 2 2024 2:00 PM gallery
1207 10th Street Berkeley, CA
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"Identity seen through Distance, Isolation, and Location" is Mantra's title for the collective of musical events included within the gallery show, which has the title (see poster below) "More than a face: Portraiture, Identity, Alter Ego"

See Plonsey events Feb 3 or Feb 10 for more about the theme of Identity.

1:30 Panel discussion by artists included in the show.
2:00 or maybe a bit later: Dan & Mantra Plonsey, Randy Porter, Ari Brown, and maybe others
Improvisations, stories, and songs.
saxophones, clarinets, trumpet, guitar and things, and voice

That's Randy and Ari in the photo. They are excellent musicians!

Lentils, since I have no more descriptions in me of music

If I was a little impatient with you
over the massive number of individual lentils
you cooked
for your soup – I mean,
the whole bag?
At least twice what you needed!
And just two weeks after
doing the exact same thing?
An excessive amount of lentils, that is?
I did break the vacuum cleaner,
though I don't know quite how.

Cost: free -- donations accepted
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: