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Thu, Apr 11 2024 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street

Antimatter, Laetitia Sonami, Douglas McCausland, Heartworm
Thurs April 11 8pm-11pm Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF
All-ages, $5-$15 no one turned away for lack of funds.
Please rapid-test day of show, keep each other healthy!

What is the voltage of static electricity that courses over your skin standing each of five million hairs straight on end? Can the answer be derived quantitatively from the waveforms cascading against malleus, anvil and stapes to trigger follicle surge? Or is math itself lost in the abstraction to qualitative, perceptual, and metaphysical sense? Such shortcuts to madness are best explored through the complexities of minimal materialism, particles of sound as sculpted by Antimatter, the solo project of Xopher Davidson.

Laetitia Sonami
Discovery narrows, contours deepen to become edges tipping your balance, opening a course below the beaten path. Tracing arabesques, Laetitia Sonami pilots a bathysphere of fantasmic depth extending her body to entwine, tentacular, across oceans of sound. "In ancient times when we peered endlessly into hazy green screens flickering like glow worms, adding a bit of flesh was irresistible" she recalls. As early as 1991, Sonami would "leave some of the glamour behind" in order to explore "attractive weaknesses...the boundaries of expression, the pushback on one's intent." Thirty years deep, a triangulated ring appeared in her work, the Spring Spyre, like an aperture in her chambered nautilus it reveals darkening depths still to be plumbed. When you find Sonami beginning her set inside the Peacock Lounge, don't bother taking a big breath first, there's plenty down there.

Douglas McCausland
Sounding a contrast of extremes using purpose-built interfaces, spatial audio, interactive systems, machine-learning, and hardware-hacking, McCausland finds sound where it first spawns, between nerve roots and bare metal. There's a difference between just burning down conventions and knowing how to build back better from scratch. In the process, organic and synthetic can meld anew, taking shape in real time and real life. McCausland jumped the wall at CCRMA to alight inside the new gleaming eyrie at SF Conservatory of Music teaching courses in the Technology and Applied Composition program. Be there when he swoops on the Peacock Lounge, then keep an eye on his work in the years to come at SFCM.

Twenty-year veteran of subterranean music, Brandon Yahiro-Taylor, has recorded and performed in a dizzying array of styles, from freeform minimalism to harsh noise to breakcore to experimental metal to indie rock to ambient and musique concrete. On the east coast he founded the seminal net label before moving to San Francisco in 2003 where he became active with the 5lowershop soundsystem crew, organizing events throughout the bay area.

Cost: $5-$15 notaflof