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Wed, Apr 3 2024 8:00 PM

8:00 PM Wall of Fog
Creeps in from the Golden Gates to you
Cloak of hidden realms...
Ned Doherty - bass, Pete Schmitt - bass, JC O'Donnell - guitar, Dave Brandt - percussion

9:00 PM Matt Robidoux is a San Francisco based composer, improviser, educator, and community organizer interested in the convergence of movement and sound, especially with regards to accessibility in contemporary music and the communicative capacities of sonic energy. Their primary instrument is the corn synth — (kinetically operated randomness system [k.o.r.n.]) a modular architecture that interprets physical input from two "ears of corn" sculptures cast in aluminum.
Special Guests: Lori Varga - film and Rent Romus - alto saxophone

Cost: $10-20 sliding (no one turned away for lack of fun
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A montage of the free music group the Lords of Outland from their live presented as part of The Tenderloin Museum’s Sounds of the Tenderloin live music series at the Tenderloin National Forest in San Francisco July of 2022 Featuring Rent Romus on alto/soprano saxophones, Ray Schaeffer on bass, Anthony Flores on drums, and Philip Everett on