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Sun, Apr 21 2024 4:00 PM

St Alban's Episcopal Church
1501 Washington Avenue Albany, CA 94706

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“The music offered a wide variety of different technical and rhetorical approaches to composition, and the variations in media design were just as extensive.” from the review by The Rehearsal Studio.

Ting Luo will present a repertoire spanning the classical era with compositions from Schubert and Bach. The performance will also include several pieces from contemporary and new piano music, featuring works by Phillip Glass, Terry Riley, and Ingrid Stölzel. A special highlight will be the inclusion of prepared piano classics by John Cage. Additionally, Ting Luo will showcase selected compositions from the NAC 2023 season, including pieces by Xuesi Xu, Dylan Findley, and Cole Reyes. The New Arts Collaboration proudly offers an innovative program, bringing together multimedia piano works by living composers and artists from diverse fields, resulting in a groundbreaking mixed-medium experience.

(Program order is subject to change at the concert.)

Goldberg Variations: Aria by Johann Sebastian Bach

Impromptu No. 3 in G-flat major, Op. 90 by Franz Schubert

Keyboard Study No. 2 by Terry Riley

Unus Mundus by Ingrid Stölzel (2017)


Etude No. 6 by Philip Glass

Amores, for prepared piano and percussions (1943) by John Cage
IV. Solo for prepared piano

Hold Close and Let Go by Cole Reyes (2022)

Cosmic Cliffs by Dylan Findley (2023)

Meteor Shuttle by Xuesi Xu (2023)

Rhapsody on "Rahel Lastimoza" by Sarah Wald (2023)

Ting Luo Bio
Ting Luo, pianist, and director of New Arts Collaboration. She has performed and lectured in prestigious venues in China and U.S., advocating contemporary music. Ting Luo has curated a multimedia music and art project New Arts Collaboration since 2020. She actively collaborates with artists from multiple disciplines including visual artists, composers, and sound artists. Works by NAC have been featured in The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art’s Digital Shorts Film Festival, Fresh Inc Festival, New Music Gathering Conference/Festival, and are programmed in Old First Concert Series, The Center of New Music, Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium, Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Art Embraces Music, Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest, and Pune Shorts International Film Festival. Ting performed her original piano compositions as well as solo and ensemble works by classical composers and living composers in prestigious events including The 2022 Bethany Arts Community Multidisciplinary Residency and Dragon’s Egg Presents at University Settlement in New York, Hot Air Music Festival in San Francisco, the Contemporary Art Music Project Festival - CAMPGround22 in Tampa, Music At Noon concert series in Sacramento, NowNet Arts Conference 2022 in Stanford, Mosswood Sound Series in Oakland and Westben Performer-Composer Residency in ON, Canada.
Ting currently resides in Bay Area, California.

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