Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sun, Apr 28 2024 7:30 PM

CSU East Bay (Music Recital Hall)
CSU East Bay Hayward Campus Music Building, E Loop Rd Hayward, CA 94542

Greek Music Ensemble “Galan Trio” performs in 10 distinguished universities in California presenting new commissions in collaboration with prominent composition professors.

Galan Trio’s “Kinesis,” a survey on the music of contemporary American composers in an original,
multifaceted concert program. The project draws from a collaboration between Galan Trio and professors
of composition from selected US Universities, and from the notion of “Kinesis.” Kinesis is an undirected
movement of a cell, organism, or part, in response to an external stimulus. In Greek, Kinesis means
movement, motion. Motion is a fundamental characteristic of all living beings; motion is what all musicians
worldwide have desired during the last couple of years; motion alludes to continuity and it’s a promise for
the future of “Kinesis” itself.

The first edition of the project featured the work of five composers who contributed one original work for
piano trio reflecting on the period of the pandemic. Galan Trio counts four editions by now in East Coast,
Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and South Central regions. The April 2024 edition in California features the work of Robert Denham, David Carter, Christopher Dobrian, Kevin Zhang, Pamela Madsen, Joao Pedro Oliveira, Deborah Kavasch, Ines Thibaut, Cindy Cox and Patricia Allessandrini.

Cost: Free