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Thu, May 30 2024 7:30 PM

Brava Theater
2781 24th Street San Francisco

San Francisco Contemporary Music Players: RE:voicing 2: Worlds Apart

6:30 PM – How Music is Made, with guest composer Richard Festinger
7:30 PM – Concert

Ending the season squarely in the realm of voices, we partner with VOLTI ensemble to present an evening of choral and chamber orchestral music through the lens of multifold texts and themes. Written for the group now known as the Asko/Schoenberg Ensemble, Carter’s densely packed concerto-for-orchestra in concept exploits ever-shifting configurations of a sinfonietta complement to achieve an intensely varied sound world. San Francisco composer Richard Festinger brings together the verse of three different poets – Bertolt Brecht, Stephen Crane, and Wendell Berry – for a modern cantata that visits worlds within, without, and apart, uniting the forces of both ensembles as a collective voice.

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