Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sat, Jun 8 2024 4:00 PM

Building 34
1024 Nimitz Avenue Vallejo, CA 94592 Coordinates: 38.098466,-122.2694642

Re:Sound SUN
Join us on Mare Island in Building 34 for an afternoon of sound, vision, and space with performances by artists visiting from the southland in communion with the Bay. Come early to explore the island sounds and beautiful trails.

Yann Novak with G. Brenner (Los Angeles)
CGRSM (Los Angeles)
Christopher Robin Duncan (Oakland)
Yasi Poursamad and Ami Radunskaya (Los Angeles)

$15-20 Donation | Advance Tickets at

Doors are at 3:30 and show starts at 4:00 pm
1024 Nimitz Building 34
Vallejo CA 94592
Coordinates: 38.098466,-122.2694642

Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on.
Food and drink are available at Mare Island Coal Shed a half mile up the waterfront
There is a distillery with food service right across Building 34.

About the Artists

Yann Novak (b. 1979) is a multidisciplinary artist and composer based in Los Angeles. His work is guided by his unique perspective as a queer autodidact. Informed by his partial color blindness and dyslexia, Novak uses sound and light to explore how these intangible materials can act as catalysts to focus our awareness on our own direct experience. Novak’s diverse body of work—audiovisual installations, performances, architectural interventions, sound diffusions, recording, and prints—invites participants to imagine how divergent our individual perceptions of reality can be.

G. Brenner is the project of LA-based musician and artist Gabriel Brenner. With a rich, operatic tenor and sharp, evocative lyricism, Brenner has crafted an idiosyncratic musical style that falls gracefully between folk, soul, and experimental electronic music. His work is malleable, poetic, and mournful, vividly rendering how traumas, personal and otherwise, echo through daily life. In August 2021, after several EPs as Pastel, Brenner released Brushfire, his debut album under new moniker G. Brenner. At its core, Brushfire documents inner and external worlds collapsing at a fast-forward pace, and the ensuing struggle to find meaning in the remaining ruins. He is currently working on the follow-up to Brushfire.

CGRSM is an initialism that stands for the Los Angeles duo of artists Christopher Reid Martin (Rotary ECT) and Gabie Strong. Known for playing amplified long-form guitar work, their live performance explores the creation of sound as a noisy reflection on being. Both artists have extensive exhibition and performance records, as well as releases on Crystalline Morphologies, Dragon's Eye Recordings, Via Injection, and The Tapeworm.

Christopher Robin Duncan is an Oakland-based artist who employs repetition and accumulation as a basis for experiments in visual and sound based media. Often in flux between maximal and minimal, Duncan's work is a constant balancing act of positive and negative, loud and quiet, solitary and participatory and tends to lead towards questions regarding perception, experience and transcendence. Time's physical and psychological effects have become paramount in these experimental endeavors.

Yasi Poursamad studied speech and hearing with John Ohala and Erv Hafter and then worked for Don Buchla for ten years building musical instruments. The only piece they’ve performed written by someone they didn’t know is Jerry Hunt’s Sur John Dee (1966).

Ami Radunskaya is a mathematician, musician and composer. She is a professor of mathematics at Pomona College. Among her areas of expertise are mathematical modeling of tumor growth and treatment, dynamical systems and analysis of non-linear models of power systems. She is the President of the EDGE (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) Foundation. EDGE is a national program designed to increase the number of women students, particularly minority women, successfully completing graduate programs in the mathematical sciences.

Cost: $15 - $20 Donation