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Fri, Jul 26 2024 8:00 PM

Berkeley Finnish Hall
1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley
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Doors 7:00 | Q&A 7:30 | Music 8:15 Tickets
Bat Noise
A duo that combines haunted doom jazz improv with musique concrète industrial deathwave. Bat Noise explores frenetic and passionate music, switching between different vocal styles and surreal soundtrack instrumentals, handcrafted muse masks and queer goth punk style furthering the possessed and authentic quality to the performance of these two avant-garde subculture freaks who have been playing music together for more than two decades under various monikers.
LuLu Gammaray - theremin, analog synth sequences, live manipulated samples, vocals, and trombone
Roxy Monoxide - tenor sax, floor tom, vocals, live manipulated loops and effects

A project of experimental artist Angela Edwards' electro-acoustic music focusing on vocals, field recordings, and the live manipulation and resampling of of life & memory.
Angela Edwards - vocals, field recordings, and the live manipulation

An improvisational blend of electric cello, modular synth, and samples. By dissecting sound into pieces and manipulating these fragments in real-time, the artist sculpts an ever-evolving and fluid soundscape. Looping, layered, and staggering ever forwards. It’s a fragmented, unlikely and chimerical animal hailing from San Francisco.
Colleen T. Kelly - electric cello, modular synth, and samples

Cost: 17/25