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Sun, Jul 28 2024 7:00 PM

Berkeley Finnish Hall
1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley
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Doors 6:00 | Q&A 6:30 | Music 7:15 Tickets
The Dirty Snacks Ensemble
The Dirty Snacks Ensemble is my long standing post-jazz/chamber ensemble, formed originally around 2009. We perform my original compositions which are often through-composed, and reflect a wide variety of influences on my end, the strongest being creative jazz, modern classical music, and hip-hop. We have two full length records out to date: Tidy Universe (Recollect Records, 2016) and You Would Do Well (Slow & Steady, 2023).
Mark Pascucci-Clifford - vibraphone, vocals, MPC 1000, Synth, composition | Steve Blum - keyboards | Dillon Vado - drums | Crystal Pascucci-Clifford - cello | Cory Wright - reeds | Rob Ewing - electric bass | Robert Woods-Ladue - percussion

An experimental art rock/soul act composed of keyboardist/vocalist Elihu Knowles, guitarist Dylan Ransley, bassist Quinn Girard and drummer Ryan Higley, as well as occasionally performing saxophonist Hayden Dekker. The group’s shared background as close childhood friends and jazz musicians deeply influences their soulful and experimental tunes. Their music has been compared to a variety of artists including Palm, Jon Bap, Sun Ra, Pulgas, Os Mutantes, and Standing on the Corner.
The members of Pateka live together in the Bay Area, CA. The group performs regularly at venues including the Independent, Bottom of the Hill, Eli’s Mile High Club, the Ivy Room, the Elbo Room, Thee Stork Club, El Rio, and the Little Hill Lounge. They recently changed their name to accommodate lineup changes and a new musical direction reflected in the forthcoming album.
Elihu Knowles - vocals, keyboard | Dylan Ransley - electric guitar, vocals| Quinn Girard - electric bass | Ryan Higley - drums

The Lost Shapes
A composer's collective, The Lost Shapes writes and performs original music that pushes the lines of composition and improvisation, with fiery, virtuosic performances and a strong group dynamic.
Jason Levis- drums, Mark Clifford- vibraphone, Safa Shokrai- bass, Max Miller-Loran- trumpet, Beth Schenck- alto sax

Cost: 17/25