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Wed, Oct 23 2002 12:00 PM

kzsu radio
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The Day of Noise: 24 hours dedicated to a broadcast of
live sounds, with the emphasis on the improvised, the
creative and the experimental.

The eighth Day of Noise begins at noon on Wednesday,
October 23, and closes at noon on October 24th.

In past years, the Day of Noise has focused on some of
the best and brightest (and worst and darkest) of the Bay
Area's sound artists...

12:00pm - Shoko Hikage - experimental koto
1:00pm - Totemplow - guitar & effects
2:00pm - Tim Perkis, Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Tom Dill - innovative computer electronics
3:30pm - Moe Staiano - industrial found object percussion
5:00pm - SKIZMS - Global jamming over the net, Stanford meets Amsterdam.
6:30pm - Twine - Doug Carrol (cello) & Tom Nunn (self-built instruments)
7:30pm - C.J. Reaven Bororque's Metal Quan Yin, Music by Lords of Outland - new music poetry
9:00pm - Matt Ingalls with the SF Sound Ensemble - clarinet and beyond
10:00pm - Morgan Guberman - solo voice
10:30pm - Matmos vs. Wobbly - dueling electronics
Midnight - Dan Plonsey - everything
2:00am - The insectual sounds of David Leikam - electric bass, synthesizers, mixing board, and altered vox. Brap Onwards!
4:00am - The Machinery of Doom - (organic industrial) gurgle chime whisper bang!
9:00 - Bob Ostertag - laptop improvisation, with homebrew software and unusual input devices.
10:00am - Dopestyle - freestyle experimental hiphop

Watch Noise 8 for further announcements.