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Sat, Dec 14 2002 8:15 PM

ACME Observatory at Tuva Space
3192 Adeline Berkeley CA
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the second in a set of two concerts of music by earle brown [dec 1926 - july 2002]

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of his infamous graphic score december 1952

the sfsound group performs 4 systems and folio graphic scores [including december 1952], centering for 11 players, octet I for tape, and his string quartet played by special guests del sol string quartet.


Del Sol String Quartet
David Ryther [ solo violin ]
Hadley McCarroll [ solo piano ]
Tom Duff [ computer software ]
sfSound Group


OCTET I [1953] - for tape
DECEMBER 1952 [1952] - sfSound Group
FOLIO [1952/53] - Hadley McCarroll, solo piano
CENTERING [1986] - sfSound Group
David Ryther, solo violin

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4 SYSTEMS (for David Tudor) [1954] - sfSound Group
DECEMBER 1952 [1952] - Tom Duff, computer
FOLIO [1952/53] - sfSound Group
STRING QUARTET [1970] - Del Sol String Quartet

the sfSound Group is:

Flute: Diane Grubbe
Clarinet: ma++ ingalls
Bassoon: Chris Jones
Saxophone: John Ingle
Trumpet: David Bithell
Trombone: Tom Yoder
Guitar: John Shiurba
Piano: Hadley McCarroll
Vn: David Ryther
Vn: Mark Chung
Vla: Jorge Boeringer
Vc: Hugh Livingston
and Special Guest Electronics: Tim Perkis
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: