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Thu, Mar 15 2012 8:30 PM

El Valenciano Restaurant & Bar
1153 Valencia St SF
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1)THE TRI-CORNERED TENT SHOW: is Philip Everett – electrified and booglurized autoharp • Anthony Flores – drums • Ray Schaffer - electric basses • and Valentina O. who is a 15 year veteran of rock, pop, art and opera vocalization on the west coast music scene. After many years of obscurity in a dank studio in Richmond, CA, the Tent Show moved to an equally dank studio in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Now they are emerging into the obscurity of the bay area improv and experimental music scene with outrageous shows and a new CD (there are old CDs in obscurity that deal with the arcana of H.P. Lovecraft’s Greater Cthulu Mythos and such matters). The new CD is ALIEN TRAILWAYS and travels to the spaces frequented by Sun Ra and Philip K. Dick. This band rocks in strange places.

2) FORWARD ENERGY was founded in 1998 and had it’s first gig at Radio Valencia in San Francisco that year. The group has gone through several incarnations with top Bay Area musicians including: Eddie Gale of Cecil Taylor’s Unit Structures fame, Alicia Mangan an extraordinarily advanced tenor player, Donald Robinson a seasonsed drummer who alternates between Oakland and Europe, and Scott R. Looney. Forward Energy has played up and down the West Coast as well as in the Midwest and New York City. The current formation includes founder Jim Ryan (who played on Steve Lacy’s weekly jam sessions in Paris during the early 70’s) on flute, saxes, and trumpet, and original member Scott R. Looney on piano. Scott received his BA in music from Coe College, Iowa and an MFA from Cal Arts. He has been a pillar of the experimental music community since the late 90’s. The group presently includes Rent Romus (who studied with Stan Getz and is a power both on his horn and as an organizer and promoter of the Bay Area experimental music community) on Saxophones; Eric Marshall is a regular bassist with Eddie Gale’s groups and he works in all genres of the jazz idiom. Percussionist Tim Orr studied with Ed Blackwell and plays all styles from zydeco to free jazz. After a year together, the group has become very strong, and we have added C. J. Borosque on trumpet whose grounding in music extends back through several generations. C. J. is also a poet and painter: a new breath of creativity for Forward Energy in 2012. Edgetone Records ( issued over a half dozen Forward Energy recordings over the years; and in January 2012 they released the first recording of the 2011 group: THE AWAKENING which is available on the Edgetone site, at concerts, and online with various providers, including Amazon & iTunes, in CD and mp3 format.

3) GREEN ALEMBIC is a new ensemble offering the transmutation of image,word, and sound into pure delight, with Amber Lamprecht on oboe and flute, Theo Padouvas trumpet violin, Jeff Hobbs alto clarinet violin trumpet Jim Ryan amplified kalimba flute word & image, Bob Marsh bass, and Sam Ospovat percussion.

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Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Green Alembic at Berkeley Arts 5-17-14
Scott R. Looney, Lisa Mezzacapa, and Donald Robinson at Berkeley Arts Fest space - May 31, 2014
A montage of the free music group the Lords of Outland from their live presented as part of The Tenderloin Museum’s Sounds of the Tenderloin live music series at the Tenderloin National Forest in San Francisco July of 2022 Featuring Rent Romus on alto/soprano saxophones, Ray Schaeffer on bass, Anthony Flores on drums, and Philip Everett on