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Tue, Mar 13 2012 9:00 PM

1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland
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Active Music Series at the Uptown

Moe!kestra + Clifford / Hatwich / Shelton / Wick

Moe!kestra is the large ensemble/orchestra project of Bay Area experimental musician, Moe! Staiano, which began at Berkeley's Beanbenders' series in 1997. For this concert, Staiano will conduct Piece No. 9: When Terrie Had Six, based of songs by and dedicated to the Dutch band, the Ex. The orchestra of some esitmated 30+ Bay Area musicians includes both traditional and non-traditional instrumentation: multiples of electric guitars, electric bass, drums, percussion arsenal, strings (violin, viola, cello and contrabass), clarinets (including bass clarinet), and electronics. Staiano's Moe!kestra compositions are influenced by the works of Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and John Zorn, commingling the genres of 20th century classical music, jazz and rock.

Opening will be the quartet of Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Jacob Wick, trumpet; Anton Hatwich, bass; and Aram Shelton, clarinets.


Phillip Greenlief – Clarinet
Michael Zelner - Clarinet
Alan Anzalone – Bass Clarinet
Chris Broderick – Bass Clarinet
Jacob McCann – Bass Clarinet
Aaron Novik – Bass Clarinet
David Slusser – Bass Clarinet
Jeff Hobbs - Violin
Angela Hsu – Violin
Marielle Jakobsobs - Violin
Dina Maccabee - Violin
Sig Hafstrom – Viola
Cheryl Leonard – Viola
Steve Bankston - Cello
Shain Carrasco - Cello
David Leikam – Bass Cello
Kristian Aspelin - Guitar
Karl Alfonso Evangelista – Guitar
Bill Horvitz – Guitar
Ava Mendoza - Guitar
Melne Murphy - Guitar
Robin Hiroko Walsh – Guitar
Brainfreak White - Guitar
Bill Wolter - Guitar
Alex Yueng – Guitar
Sarah Lockhart - Drums
Garth Powell - Drums
Jacob Felix Heule - Percussion
Suki O'Kane – Percussion
Amar Chaudhary - Electronics
Peter Conheim - Electronics
Thomas Dimuzio – Electronics
Moe! Staiano – Conductor

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