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Sun, Feb 27 2011 7:30 PM

SIMM Series
Musicians Union Hall 116 9th St @ Mission SF
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7:30 PM Tri-Cornered Tent Show
Philip Everett autoharp, Ray Schaeffer bass, Anthony Flores drums
8:30 PM "Polarity Emmo" Motoko Honda & with flutist, vocalist Emily Hay

"Polaris Emmo" is the frenetic and dynamic musical collaboration between Los Angeles based keyboardist/sound artist Motoko Honda and flutist/vocalist Emily Hay. Highly regarded as expert instrumentalists and left coast improvisers, Honda and Hay create soundscapes which polarize emotion and sound, fiercely crossing musical genres, subtly interjecting electronic effects and drawing the listener through sonic imagery into imagined realms of fear, power, pain and comical fairy tales.
Motoko Honda is a pianist, keyboardist, improviser, composer, and sound architect living in Los Angeles. Graduated from California Institute of the Arts, Motoko has been active as a Electro-Acoustic-Prepared Piano soloist, Band leader, Sound artist collaborating with visual artists and dancers, and Recording artist for films covering wide range of music from classical, avant-garde, jazz, punk, contemporary, world and new music. Motoko is also a dedicated educator, and an official consultant of the non-profit organization Angel City Arts' Music Experience Program for an innovative approach to the music education.

Being a frequent "pick of the week" by Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Weekly, also documented as a featured musician in documentary film "Good Ear", she has performed at major venues such as Ford Theater, Barnsdall Gallery Theater, REDCAT/Disney Hall/MOCA, and many festivals. Continuing to pursue the boundaries of different kind of music, Motoko is known to weave through genres of music and create something unique and personal every time.

Emily Hay is a flutist, vocalist and pianist who extends the traditional roles and capabilities of her instruments by incorporating the complexity of contemporary classical technique with the spontaneity and experimentation of free improvisation. The result is startling interpretations of sound and intense ensemble interaction. Her explorations on the flute and alto flute embody unusual tone colors and soaring rhythmic structures, augmented by electronically generated effects and often overlapped by unusual vocalizations ranging from primal to operatic with lyrics and sounds from the stream of consciousness.

Around the turn of the 21st century the Tri-Cornered Tent Show driven by two intrepid tavelers Philip Everett and Ray Schaeffer, came out from their exile held up in a well-insulated dank studio in the depths of Richmond California for almost three decades.

The musical journey began with initial tracks of their first three releases being recorded using the ancient anti-deluvian technology of electronics from the 70’s. Though methodical deciphering of the Lovcraft short story “The music of Eric Zann”, other related stories expanded upon Lovecraft’s Greater Cthulu Mythos they began recording free improvisation and orchestrated sound sculpture over those many years to create the first three projects now available on Edgetone Records. In 2003 their fourth creation Legion of Dagon features added guest members saxophonist Rent Romus and guest mulit-instrumentalist Jeff Hobbs based on the 28 sonnet by Lovecraft, The Fungi of Yuggoth. In 2005 they released The Foolkiller, an operatic improviational song cycle based loosely on Philip Everett's prose inspired by southern murder ballads and political commentary and satire featuring the voice work of Dina Emerson. Currently they work with noiseician CJ Borosque, and saoxophist and snake oil salesman Rent Romus.

$10 general • $8 students & seniors

Cost: $10/8
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