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Wed, Feb 2 2011 9:00 PM

Kingman's Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave near Solano Ave Albany
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Light A Fire: 42

Tom Djill-trumpet
Karl Evangelista-guitar
Phillip Greenlief-sax
Tim Perkis-electronics
-Rich, detailed electroacoustic soundscapes--classic Bay Area free improvisation with a 21st century bent

Lost Planet
Steve Clarke and Len Paterson, guitars
Marc Weinstein, drums
David Slusser, sax, keys, electronics, bass
-Apocalyptic free/power rock/improv from some of the Bay Area's most explosive musicians

Pink Canoes
Travis Johns
Noah Phillips
Aram Shelton
Zachary Watkins
-Diverse, dynamic, mind-shattering electroacoustic improvisation

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