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Fri, Dec 16 2011 8:00 PM

Berkeley Arts Festival
2133 University Ave Berkeley, CA 94704


Blood Wedding is Danishta Rivero (vocals and digital processing) and Chuck Johnson (steel guitar and modular synth.)
Come if you dig: just intonation, noise, heterodyning, doom, hyperobjects, duende, difference tone synthesis.

Chuck Johnson is a composer and musician residing in Oakland, CA who has worked in improvised music, noise, experimental rock, traditional forms, and music for film and dance. In recent years he has developed a versatile analog electronic performance system, worked extensively with just intonation tuning systems, and released recording of solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar – all with an ear towards finding faults and instabilities that might reveal latent beauty. He is in the electroacoustic drone duo Blood Wedding with Danishta Rivero. Recordings of his work have been published by Strange Attractors Audio House, Communion, Amish, Merge, and Threelobed.
Johnson has performed with Pauline Oliveros, Peter Kowald, Eugene Chadbourne, Frank Gratkowsi, and Miya Masaoka. His work has been premiered at the Transmissions festival (North Carolina and Chicago), Signal+Noise (Vancouver), and by the pulsoptional composers’ ensemble. Johnson has performed at Siren Fest (New York), BENT 2004 (New York), the Festival of New American Music (Sacramento,) and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Johnson has composed music for seven feature-length documentaries, including Brett Ingram’s award-winning Monster Road and Cynthia Hill’s Guestworker. Johnson holds an MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College.

Danishta Rivero is a musician and sound artist who resides in San Francisco. She performs solo improvisations on the Hydrophonium, a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument, with which she has toured the Pacific NW. Danishta also does vocals and digital processing in Blood Wedding, a just intonation noise duo with Chuck Johnson on steel guitar and modular synth. Through the years, she has been involved in various music projects. Most notably, she was lead vocalist of progressive metal band Aghora (1997-2006). She co-founded Optiphonal Wonder Machine, a multimedia collaboration with Jennifer Rannells. Most recently, Danishta received a Meet The Composer grant for her participation in the 14th Annual Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival.

Cost: $10-20 sliding scale
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