Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Mon, Feb 25 2013 7:30 PM

Mills College Ensemble Room
5000 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94613

Bill Hsu, Electronics
James Fei, Reeds
Gino Robair, Percussion

Electronics and real-time animation in an acoustic improvisational context. Hse will be joined by saxophonist James Fei and percussionist Gino Robair.

William Hsu is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at San Francisco State University. His current research interests are in high-performance processor and memory system architecture, performance evaluation, and interactive computer music. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois. Hsu works with electronics and real-time animation systems that have some of the live, tactile qualities of good human musicians playing acoustic instruments. His work mostly involves using gestural interfaces to control animation and sound synthesis, and real-time audio-visual systems that interact with human performers.

Cost: Free Admission