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Wed, Apr 16 2014 7:30 PM

Tom's Place
3111 Deakin Street Berkeley
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Scott Walton (pno) and Tim Perkis (elec)
Jon Raskin and John Hanes (both on jaw harps/electronics)

To celebrate the end of tax season, Tom's Place is proud to present two duos of first rank Bay Area improvisers.
Scott Walton is best known (to me, anyway) for his excellent, sinuous contrabass playing, but he's also a phenomenal pianist. At Wednesday's show he'll be playing in a duo with Tim Perkis, one of the world's best improvising electronic-thingy players. I never turn down an opportunity to hear either of them, and both together strikes me as a must-see.
Eight or nine years ago I picked up a copy of Jon Raskin's CD Kaolithic Music, performed entirely on Jaw Harps from around the world, and I was immediately entranced. This show will be my first opportunity to hear some of this excellent lamellophone madness live. Raskin and Hanes have promised, among other things, an arrangement of Clapping Music (S Reich) for two jaw harps and, to mix it up, some live electronic fun as well.
As I said, we're celebrating the end of tax season. To that end this will be a Free Show. The management will not, contrary to our custom, beg for money, but will put up $10 from our commissioning fund for every audience member that shows up. If you want to see our bank book hurt, this is the show to attend. (It can't hurt more than our income tax bill.)

Cost: Free (donation requested)
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