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Wed, Aug 17 2011 9:00 PM

Subterranean Arthouse
2179 Bancroft Way Berkeley
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Daniel Popsicle vs Brooklyn
A night of banter-based musical performance, narrative and opera-in-progress when composer’s collective ThingNY violinist Jeffrey Young and cellist Valerie Kuehne come to town accompanied by her band DreamZoo. Daniel Popsicle hosts, and plays, and, with any luck, recites banter composed for the band by Dan Plonsey, who has an amazing ear for turning overheard comments idly thrown into the universe of a rehearsal into not simply absurd, but touching, and, yes, sometimes searing portraits of humanity secretly concerned with identifying planes from their wing shapes, Wire Magazine, surviving the inevitable hurt of making art that garners no regard, and Norton-esque proclamations.

Cost: $5-10
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