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Patrick David Barber
Vocalist, Composer, Performer
As a composer and performer, I am interested in the displacement of sound into new contexts and environments.

Since moving to the Bay Area in June of 2000, I have worked with the dance ensemble Body Cartography in their 2001 Sutro Baths piece and in their 2002 Chapel of the Chimes piece. Check out their work at I have also performed in pieces directed by composers Merlin Coleman and Kathy Kennedy.

From 1998 to 2000, in Seattle, I worked as a vocalist with a group of
players who performed game pieces for improvisors, including John Zorn's "COBRA"
as well as compositions by Seattle composers, such as Stuart McLeod's
"Pulse/Impulse" and Robert Henson's "Graffika." For information about
this music, check out

I also participated in several presentations of "Co-Brew," a collaborative performance
combining John Zorn's COBRA for musicians and Lisa Nelson's "Tuning Score" for dancers.

In 1996 and 1997 I worked as a vocalist with Amy Denio and Christian Asplund on
their theatrical/experimental opera works: Denio's "Non Lo So, Polo" and Asplund's
"The Archivist."

From 1991 to 1997 I played in the improvised/new music band Blowhole and was
one of the band's archivists/sound-compilers.

From 1989 to 1997 I operated the tape/record label Apraxia, releasing a lot
of cassettes, several 7" eps and two CDs, all of improvised and new composed music.

As a composer I have created tape compositions, performance constructs, and
sound/video works of collage poetry, under my own name and also as Lab Rat.

Thanks to the Bay Area Improvisers Network for providing this resource.

I may be contacted at
CDs on which Patrick David Barber appears:
Blowhole Billowing Sheen
Artist: Blowhole
Title: Billowing Sheen
Label: Apraxia/Animist pxd04452
Label page on this site: Apraxia/Animist
Apraxia/Animist pxd04452
Various Artists Tape a Break
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Tape a Break
Label: Rund um den Watzmann BREAK003
Label page on this site: Rund um den Watzmann
Rund um den Watzmann BREAK003
Lab Rat Known Incompatibilities
Artist: Lab Rat
Title: Known Incompatibilities
Label: Ignivomous IG-12
Label page on this site: Ignivomous
Ignivomous IG-12
The New Session People Famous Songs from Days Gone By
Artist: The New Session People
Title: Famous Songs from Days Gone By
Label: Amarillo ACM-605
Label page on this site: Amarillo
Amarillo ACM-605
Various Artists The Accelerating World
Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Accelerating World
Label: Pinch-A-Loaf PAL-4
Label page on this site: Pinch-A-Loaf
Pinch-A-Loaf PAL-4
Various Artists Tinker Compilation
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Tinker Compilation
Label: Tinker TKR7
Label page on this site: Tinker
Tinker TKR7
Various Artists Precipitation
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Precipitation
Label: Partial PART 006
Label page on this site: Partial
Partial PART 006
Various Artists America the Beautiful
Artist: Various Artists
Title: America the Beautiful
Label: RRR CD-14
Label page on this site: RRR