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Karen Anderson
Sound Artist, Vocalist, Composer
California-native KAREN ANDERSON is a sound and multi-media artist from the Bay Area. Karen came to San Francisco in 1982 to attend college at San Francisco State University (B.A. Broadcasting, '87), and has since attended the graduate programs at Mills College in Electronic Music and SFSU Inter Arts.

She has composed and engineered live sound performances with the late Joe Catalano, Guadalupe Garcia, Michele Rabkin in such diverse places as The Lab, Pro Arts, Noe Valley Ministry, Cafe de Nord and SF Institute of Art. She has performed (voice, synth, percussion & bass guitar) on a number of CDs with such artists as Spaceship Eyes, Trap and Spirits Burning. With her husband, she co-founded the visionary independent record label, Noh Poetry Records, in 1997, to further their electronic/experimental musical adventures.

Her pet project is PsiClub. The sound has been described as experimental ambient, a "chiaroscuro" of music - combining the natural, organic, analog & asymmetrical with the digital. She is accompanied on this sonic adventure by synth/bassist Don Falcone (Spaceship Eyes, Spirits Burning) in an improvised alchemy of live electronics, percussives & sensuous soundscapes. They have performed at 21 Grand (Oakland), den of sonick illbiance (San Francisco), and Discord-Aggregate (Berkeley, CA)

Sound Samples


Eastern Evening by Blue Lily Commission

Featured appearance: "Symboloic" (vocals), "Seraglio" (vocals), "Evening" (vocals).
copyright 2005 Rubbish Records

Sunrise to Sunset by Fireclan

Featured appearance: "Riding The Shaman's Drum" (percussion).
copyright 2004 Noh Poetry Records

Free Speech For Sale by Various

Featured appearance: "Whinesong" (composer).
copyright 2002 FSFS

The Bay Prog CD by Various

Featured appearance: Trap "Presage" (vocals).
copyright 2002 The Artists

Reflections In A Radio Shower by Spirits Burning

Featured appearances: "Retrospectre" (co-writer, keys), "Blood & Oxygen"
(co-writer, bass), "Drive-By Poetry" (vocals), "Intelligent Sparkling Fish" (vocals).
copyright 2001 Gazul Records

Where Stalks The Sandman by Various

Featured appearance: "Ouroboros" (composer).
copyright 2001 Noh Poetry Records

Of Cosmic Repercussions by Spaceship Eyes

Featured appearances: "Every Opera" (vocals), "Big Martian Dog Hop"
copyright 2000 Hypnotic Records

New Worlds By Design by Spirits Burning

Featured appearances: "The Unknown" (vocals, percussion), "Triquetrium Delight" (co-writer),
"Speak To The Wind" (organ), "Arc - A Real Creeper" (vocals).
copyright 1999 Gazul Records

Saturday Night House Box - Various

Featured appearance: Spaceship Eyes: "Le Freak" (vocals)
copyright 1999 Hypnotic Records

Truth In The Eyes Of A Spaceship by Spaceship Eyes

Featured appearances: "Drum 'n' Smoke" (vocals), "Dr. Panacea" (vocals)
copyright 1998 Hypnotic Records

Kamarupa by Spaceship Eyes

Featured appearance: "Storm of Cleopatra" (percussion)
copyright 1997 Noh Poetry Records

Saturday Night Fetish - Various

Featured appearance: Spaceship Eyes: "Le Freak" (vocals)
copyright 1997 Hypnotic Records

Beyond the Status Quo by Trap

Featured appearances: "Storm Over Coyote Canyon" (vocals), "Crimson Moon" (vocals),
"Zappazone" (vocals)
copyright 1996 Gazul Records

Kraftwelt: Deranged in Space Remix CD - Various

Featured appearance: Spaceship Eyes - "Deranged" (vocals)
copyright 1996 Hypnotic Records


Mac G5
Fender Strat w/ Pod
Carvin Bass w/ Pod
Audicy DAW
JBL Speakers
Kurtzweil 2500
Mackie Sound Board