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The Left Coast Improv Group
Doug Carroll, Ron Heglin, Jeff Hobbs, Scott R. Looney, Bob Marsh, Tom Nunn, Jim Ryan, Karen Stackpole

JEFF HOBBS - violin, cornet, clarinet, sax, other instruments
RON HEGLIN - trombone/voice
SCOTT R. LOONEY - laptop computer/interactive electronics
BOB MARSH - cello/violin/voice/other instruments
TOM NUNN - personally invented, designed, & built electro acoustic instruments
JIM RYAN - flutes/kalimba/alto saxophone/small percussion
KAREN STACKPOLE - drum kit/percussion/gongs

In the spirit of Bay Area artistic experimentation and exploration,
"TLCIG creates boldly cut, yet delightfully subtle, gems of spontaneous musical composition."
-- Saftig Himlichbaden: UberKritik von Outgrabe

THE LEFT COAST IMPROV GROUP (TLCIG) has crystalized from divergent
musical and geographic backgrounds to form a unit of unprecedented talent.
It's members are products of deep dedication, long study (both
in and outside of academia), and many years of performance experience.

The emphasis of the group's approach is on relaxation, freedom, and listening, rather than individual virtuosity which, nevertheless, underlies the ensemble
as an unfailing support for its cohesive expressiveness.



Doug has been an active participant in the Bay Area Improv scene for over twenty
years and has played with many groups. He frequently works with Tom Nunn in their duo 'Twine.'
RON HEGLIN - trombone/voice

A venerable figure on the Bay Area improv scene, Ron has been performing and various groups and configurations of artists for over 20 years.

JEFF HOBBS - violin, cornet, sax, flutes, clarinets, etc.

Jeff is an Oakland resident instrument repair man and ubiquitous presence on the improv, poetry slam, and outlandish eastbaynia rock and r&b scenes


BOB MARSH - cello/violin/other instruments

Originally from Detroit, Bob moved to the Bay Area from Chicago about four years ago. He performs regularly on violin, cello, piano, vibraphone, flute, accordion, and uses extended vocal techniques. He is the founder of the Quintessentials,
the Emergency String Quartet, The Emergency Piano Quintet and 'The Che Guevara Memorial Marching (And Stationary) Accordion Band' which has recently issued a CD on Public Eyesore no. 85.

Bob has worked with improvisers from all over the U.S. and abroad, including: Toshi Makihara, Scott Rosenberg, John Shiurba, Blaise Siwula, Jack Wright, Bhob Rainey, Michael Zerang, and Jeb Bishop.

On his CD "Water Music" he does cello and voice in tandem with Bob Falesch, who
plays metaPiano and electronics. (ZeroEggzie Recordings 0x003, 2000). He also has a duo CD out with Carol Genetti voice, and himself on cello, "The Garden of Earthy Delights" (Spring Garden Music 004, 2000), as well as a CIMP recording (Creative Improvised Music Projects Vol. 96, 2000) with Jack Wright and Bhob Rainey on saxophone; He and Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello.


SCOTT R. LOONEY - laptop computer/interactive electronics

Scott R. Looney has been making noises on piano and various instruments since he age three. He obtained his BA in Music Composition at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa under avant trumpeter Paul Smoker. In 1990 he attended the Banff Jazz Workshop, where he studied under Steve Coleman, Robin Eubanks and Kevin Eubanks. He went to the California Institute of the Arts and studied improvisation with Roscoe Mitchell and Wadada Leo Smith, as well as composition and inter-active electronics under David Rosenboom and Morton Subotnick. He graduated with an MFA in Music Composition. After a stint in New York City, Scott settled in Oakland and has been busy composing and playing piano and doing interactive electronics
in performances with Leo Smith, Eddie Gale, Matt Ingalls y2K, Tom Nunn, and with the Oakland Electro/Acoustic Sextet at the Big Sur Experimental Music Festival in May 2000.

Scott has been active in presenting and promoting creative music in the Bay Area.
His recordings include: scott r. looney - solo piano - #meta-cd001 -- and recursive heretics - #meta-cd010 with aaron bennett - soprano sax, scott r. looney - live sampling, processing A.L.L.- #meta-cd002.

TOM NUNN - Who has played with The Left Coast Improv Group on several occasions is an electro accoustic instrument inventor, builder, and performer. He has been active since the seventies on the Bay Area improv scene. In 1998 his definitive book on improvisation "The Wisdom of the Impulse, On the Nature of Musical Free Improvisation," was published. It is available through Edgetone Records. His most recent CD "Burning Palms" is on Garuda Records

JIM RYAN - flutes/kalimba/alto saxophone/small percussion

Nearing his mid-30's and living in Paris, France, Jim picked up the flute and shortly thereafter acquired a c-melody sax. In the early 70's he participated in a year-long workshop organized and led by Steve Lacy. Jim put together the "Free Music Formation" about this time, and played in Paris and other European cities. He returned to the States in 1975 and settled in Washington, D.C. where he formed "The Art Performance Group" in 1979. This was a multi-media group which included poetry, dance, art-projection, and sometimes a light show. Jim is also a poet and often includes spoken word in his concerts.

1993 he moved to Oakland and hooked up with the Bay Area Improv Scene. In 1997
he launched his own group "Forward Energy" which has been performing regularly since that time. Jim has also participated in Marco Eneidi's large ensembles. and trumpeter Eddie Gale's "Orchestra for World Peace."

In the Spring of 2000, he founded the Electro/Acoustic Sextet of Oakland which was a melding of free jazz and 'avant' academic styles. The group performed in Oakland and at the Big Sur Experimental Music Festival in May, 2000. In the Spring of 2000 he performed in the 501 Festival at Theatre Artaud in composer Matthew Burtner's piece for nine tenor saxophones, "Portals of Distorion."
His CD releases: "Forward Energy @ the Yellow Room," a free jazz & poetry trio
(jimzeen productions CD 1001) 8/1997 /// "Triptych," (jimzeen 1002) 11/1999 post bop bop /// and the limited edition "TLCIG I" (jimzeen 1003) came out 3/2001. The
second Left Coast Improv Group CD was issued in April 2002 and received excellent reviews. "Forward Energy" in Concert @ 21 Grand (jimzeen CD 1004) with Alicia Mangan tenor sax,Scott R. Looney e-piano, Damon Smith doublebass, and Donald Robinson drums willalso be out 3/2001

KAREN STACKPOLE - drum kit, percussion, gongs

"Gongwoman" is an east bay percussionist, teacher of music technology, recording engineer, and reviewer of electronic music equipment for Electronic Musician and other magazines.
CDs on which The Left Coast Improv Group appears:
The Left Coast Improv Group The Left Coast Improv Group
Artist: The Left Coast Improv Group
Title: The Left Coast Improv Group
Label: Jimzeen Productions CD1003
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Jimzeen Productions CD1003